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FlexAMS is built through the lens of behavioral health and those working in the trauma and attachment fields. We continue to innovate, develop and deliver solutions that meet today’s ever changing behavioral healthcare landscape.

we want to know your story

the challenges you face with your current EHR,
or perhaps you don't have one at all.

FlexAMS is a results-driven and cost-effective Electronic Health Record solution geared toward nonprofit health and human service organizations. We are health and human services practitioners ourselves and therefore are committed to superior customer service and affordability. We value you, your clients and your mission, making us the choice for many behavioral health and social services organizations.


everything you need in an EHR

Hosted on a cloud-based, HIPAA Secure network. Customized to fit your needs and accessible anytime and anywhere.

We are continuing to innovate, develop and deliver solutions to meet today's ever-changing behavioral healthcare landscape.

Eliminate hours of paperwork with intake, discharge, billing and scheduling all at your fingertips. 

Ongoing support after implementation with our talented, dedicated and mission-focused customer service team. 

Utilize Clinical and Direct Care documentation designed to meet Medicaid and COA standards

The best post-training moment was when a therapist ran into my office with stars in her eyes, proclaiming how wonderful it was to have the IMCANS in the EHR system. It is a miraculous experience to enjoy pre-population of many fields. We feel better positioned to be be ready for audits and to see the State demands to scan IMCANS to them. FlexAMS is an additional bragging pointing recruiting new staff.

Karen Hedrick, LCSW, ICDVP, Director of Counseling Services, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet



Chaddock Behavioral Health (CBH) was established in January 2019 as a non-profit entity of the Chaddock Family of Organizations. The mission of CBH is to support behavioral health professionals in efficiently delivering services to their clients. The primary focus of CBH is meeting the electronic health record needs for human service agencies through the ownership and development of FlexAMS.

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