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Your Needs, Our Goal

Making Customers Happy, Every Time

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FlexAMS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It can be tailored to suit your organization's specific requirements and can grow alongside your nonprofit, accommodating changes in your services and expanding client base without any hindrance. 


Flex is made up of health and service practitioners; therefore, we are committed to superior customer service and affordability. We are a recurring subscription-based model that is a per user, per month contract. It can be renewed annually or of a longer duration of up to 5 years and additional users can be added at any time. 

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FlexAMS offers an IM+CANS assessment. IM+CANS is a comprehensive, lifespan tool for assessing the needs and strengths of individuals who require mental health treatment in Illinois. IM+CANS integrates assessment and treatment planning into a single process. It contains a complete set of core items that assess function across multiple life domains such as risk behavior, trauma exposure, behavioral/emotional needs, substance use and cultural factors, as well as a physical health risk assessment.

Additional Features 

  • Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment 

  • Individual Care/Treatment Plans

  • Progress Reports 

  • Scheduler Tool 

  • Discharge and Transition Plan

  • Billing Modules 

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