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Similing Team

 FlexAMS, powered by Chaddock Behavioral Health, is a cloud-based EHR system featuring agile technology for your ever-changing business needs. Our system is tailored to support clinicians to save time and simplify documentation, which allows more time for providing services to clients.

Chaddock Behavioral Health is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support behavioral health professionals in efficiently delivering services to their clients. Therefore, our decisions are mission-based rather than for a financial gain. We remain dedicated to constantly adapting and growing our technology. The tools and functionality within FlexAMS are not only affordable, but allow you to deliver quality and efficient care to the clients you serve.

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What to Expect


The FlexAMS team will tailor your software to meet the needs of every member on your team including; clinicians, office support and scheduling, c-suite, finance and billing, risk management, and facilities and quality improvement teams.

We partner with you to develop a customized implementation plan that aligns your organizational needs. Your team will be up and running quickly and you will have peace of mind knowing that you will have technical support every step of the way!

Our Team.

    A good brand starts with a great team. Introducing the faces behind the software! Our multi-faceted team of FlexAMS senior and junior programmers is made up of creative, knowledgeable and talented individuals whose goal is to deliver the best quality, yet most affordable EHR software on the market.

    Matt Obert 

    John McDowell 

    Erica Coffman

      Executive Director

      Director of Strategic Growth 

      Corporate Compliance


      Bohdan Metchko

      Don Smith

        Edemilson Silva 

        Senior Developer

        Senior Developer 

        Project Manager

        Lavina Richards

        Kristen Patton 

        Josh Adams 




          Haley Friday

          Client Support Specialist

          Frequently Asked Questions


          Our customers most asked questions and our teams best guided solutions.

          Q1. What is the preferred web browser for FlexAMS users? 

          A. It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox instead of google Chrome with the FlexAMS system. Users on Apple devices should avoid using Safari and use Firefox. 

          Q2. How do I update my account information? 

          A. To change basic account information, click on the button containing your name in the upper right corner of the browser. From here you can change your display name, first name, last name, email address, and password. 

          Q3. How do I upload my scanned documents?

          A.   Navigate to the “Scanned Documents” page and select the appropriate client. Fill in information about the document and click the “Scan/Upload” button near the bottom of the page. You can also view previously uploaded documents by selecting an existing record and clicking the “View Document” button near the bottom of the form.

          Q4. What is the easiest way to access and print my reports? 

          A. On the Main Menu, scroll down and click “View/Print Reports”. You can sort the reports by name, description, category, and created/last updated date by clicking the desired column header. Click the desired report to open it. Enter the parameters and click “Submit”. From here, you can print the report using the “Print” button in the top left of the window. You can also save the report in various file formats if necessary.

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