"The best post-training moment was when a therapist ran into my office with stars in her eyes, proclaiming how wonderful it was to have the IMCANS in the EHR system. It is a miraculous experience to enjoy pre-population of many fields. We feel better positioned to be be ready for audits and to see the State demands to scan IMCANS to them. FLEX AMS is an additional bragging pointing recruiting new staff."

- Karen Hedrick, LCSW, ICDVP, Director of Counseling Services, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet

"Any organization considering an EHR system should look to Flex, one of our partners in ministry. UMA members currently using the system report that they are pleased with the service and have achieved high marks on Medicaid audits. Even the CMS auditors commented how easy it was to navigate through the Flex system. The founders of Flex have extensive experience in 501(c)(3) healthcare organizations, so the Flex system is set to meet the IT and budget-constraint needs of the non-profit sector."

- Rev. Mr. Stephen L. Vinson, Former President/CEO - United Methodist Association