​Flex AMS is...

  • Built through the lens of behavioral health with special adaptations for agencies working in trauma, attachment, recovery treatment and the developmentally disabled

  • Tailor-made for startup and small-to-medium sized agencies focused in behavioral health, addiction treatment, and developmentally disabled. 

  • Customized to the specific requirements of the behavioral health and addictions industries; easy to acquire, easy to use and budget-friendly.

  • Incorporates admission/intake forms, mental health assessments, progress and treatments notes, discharge panning, and billing

  • An application that grows with your agency, not a static one. As you grow, it grows with you with little-to-no system interruption

  • Able to accomodate user-defined customization specific to your company’s unique requirements.  

  • Easily customizable, assuring that it will always fit your growing organization

  • Allows for efficient methods to report information to crediting bodies and prepare billing to the appropriate companies or agencies.